How Much An SEO Professional Earns – Key Facts Explained
Published on:August 14, 2020
How much an SEO professional earns

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

It is the term that is much pronounced in the present world.

You may ask – WHY?

Well. The answer is simple. SEO is the backend process to make you visible. To make you heard. And to help you reach your goal.

Confused? Don’t be. It is the beginning alone. There tons of things to explore in the next part of this post.

The post is about the earning of an SEO professional.

But do you have any idea how much efforts it needs to be a successful SEO professional? I can bet most of my readers are unaware about the struggles. They only see the success. But they do not see the challenges accepted and overcome to reach the current position.


How much an SEO professional earns?

To be honest, there is no specific rate. Usually, an expert SEO professional can earn more than $100. And this is the hourly income.

Now, it is your task to multiply it to figure out the monthly income. Please use the comment box below to figure out the net monthly income if the expert works for over 10 hours a day. Now you have any confusion about how much an SEO professional earns?


The real scenario

You may feel thrilled. But the reality is different. SEO professionals are not born. They need to be made. And it takes years of dedication, persistence, loss of sleep, and losing of friends and foes.

Initially, it appears like a tiresome job. And you have to work at any firm to know SEO, the best practices and others. This is not possible to know about the entire SEO activities overnight.

Search Engine Optimization is related with ranking. To bring your client on the first position (or rank), you need to spend lots of sleepless night.

Also, there are chances of mistakes. You have to follow trial and error method.

Let’s check the core



There is no alternative of learning. You are to be an attentive learner in the first step in order to be an SEO professional.

You have to learn the best practices. Also, you must have to know the terms and specific jargons of this industry. Without knowing them, you cannot expect to the be expert.



At the same time, you must own a deep sense of dedication. While completing projects, you may fail. Or, it may take time to get the desired outcome. You need to hold your patience.

Also, you should be careful while trying the next time. If you do not have the dedication, you will lose interest for the next try.


Keep practicing

Besides, you have to keep practicing. If you do not get any client, try it for yourself. Undergo all the necessary activities to rank yourself.

If you are an SEO service provider, rank your own website. Show your clients how you can improve their websites as well. In this way, you will be the gainer in the end.

But you know what – you must practice. The more you practice, the more you get skills. 


Goal setting

The key problem is that people lose interest in being SEO professional. When they fail in their first or second try, the lose hope. Consequently, they give up the idea.

But, if you have your goal, you can reach it. You need to set it first. In line with other activities, you have to set a goal for your own.

Set the goal for the next five years. Work every day with great care. Don’t skip the regular tasks. And at the end, you will enjoy the outcomes.

Key features of an SEO professional

An SEO professional usually has some specific features. They are different than the ordinary people. Why? Check the answers below.



They are smarter than people like us. They have a distinctive way of speaking, dealing with clients and performing other activities.

They have solutions to every problem (while some people have problems in every solution). Knowing the ways to convince the clients, they get the deals smartly. And they perform to satisfy the clients.



At the same time, they are deadline-oriented. They manage time carefully. In fact, without time management, this is not possible to meet deadlines. And they always need to meet the deadlines to uplift the business of their clients.


Deep research

No matter if it is an ordinary task or an order from the client, they conduct research. With the deep research, they bring out the core of the facts. And then deploy the information for the business success.

This is, in fact, a special strategy of the professional SEO service providers. They are to conduct such researches to know about the competitors, keywords, algorithms and more.


The payment

Usually, the payment for SEO is of two systems. The first one is hourly payment. And the second one is project-based payment.

However, the payment amount remains the same. When it is about project-based payment, they simply multiply their hourly rate. 

But, another fact is that the payment rate varies.

When you will get service from an amateur, you may have a lower rate. But the experts will not agree to work for less than $100 (minimum) for an hour.

Also, it depends on your geographical location. If you are from a larger economy, you can charge more than $100 for an hour of your SEO service. 

But it depends on your client as well! 


Last words

Now, you are aware about how an SEO professional earns. It may seem too high that the expert is earning $100 in an hour.

But in reality, it’s a big challenge for them. At times, they are in contract with the clients. If they cannot perform satisfactorily, they need to refund the money. In that case, the entire labor turns into a waste.

As a profession, SEO is up to the mark. But you may have to sacrifice your private life for the job. Because you are to remain busy round the clock.

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