Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions of using this website is not that much complicated. You can use the site and available the service from it at any time. But you need to comply with our terms and conditions.

But please be assured that the sections are here are not meat to harm your privacy or intellectual property.

You are to agree that you will never violate the terms and conditions.

As prospective client, of course, you have the option to express your opinion. But that should be rational and should also not cross the line explained in this section.

Client Privacy

We respect our clients.

You need no worries about the privacy. Your privacy will be secured with us, all the time. We never share the privacy of our clients to any external sources whatsoever the purposes are.

Our Services

We will provide all types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service. The services aim to promote your particular website in the first position in the search engine. As a result, you will have the maximum opportunity to excel in the business.

We will analyze your competitors, set keywords for you, and bring the desired impact of our site.

But please remember, we do not have the magic lamp of Aladdin. Performing the SEO process takes time, and you have to allow the time. Within the stipulated time, we will undergo the procedures to make you become successful.

At the end of the campaign period, you will discover yourself on the top position among your competitors. It’s an excellent option to pick. You have to be patients as long as we run the campaign for your business and website growth.

Placement Of The Order

We receive orders that is placed using our website (https://whorank.xyz/). We appreciate this process.

For any of your queries, you can reach us at info@whorank.xyz.

Pricing Of Our Services

Pricing is the other issue but you need no worries. The price we offer is reasonable.

In fact, we have several packages, and you can avail any of those according to your needs.

We do not have any external parties, individuals or affiliated companies to take orders on behalf of us. We strictly prohibit to follow such measures. It is for your safety.

Payment Modes

You can check our payment plans and modes here.

We accept all types of standard payment modes including ……

Verification Of Clients

To prevent fraudulent activities, we verify our clients through telephone or emails. We require your identity confirmation to avoid any further issues in future.

Besides, it will make the entire dealing transparent between our clients and us. So, we expect that our clients would be cooperative in this particular case.

Alternatively, you can also verify us. Our About Us section is there where you can find all our relevant information.

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