Privacy Policy


Who we are

We are a leading firm offering all the necessary online marketing consultation and solution to global clients.

Our address is

We provide all the necessary search engine optimization services for our clients’ online presence and business growth.

Also, we serve the clients with top-notch content writing services. The contents we deliver are reader-friendly and help directly and indirectly to reach the targeted audience.

Building websites for our clients is another service that we render to our clients with professionalism. Under this service, we build WordPress websites and add customized themes. We also provide a complete website solution package – who need to start an online business.

What personal data we collect from clients

For smooth operation of our services and convenience of the clients, we need to collect some primary information. But the information is secured with us and they will never be shared to any external parties/ entities.

If you want to get a service from us, we would like to get information like your name, email address, reference, data about your financial transaction, technical data like your browsing address, your purchasing behavior and information, data from analytics among others.

We may also ask for some sensitive data like your health information, and other relevant issues.

Why we collect it

As we are getting some private information from you, you have the right to know why we are collecting them.

The first thing is that we collect the data for smooth continuation of the business. There is a legal basis of date collection. And also you have to provide your consent that you will not disagree if you collect the data and hold it for a certain time.

We collect the through various ways including contact forms, cookies, the comments you make, browser information and others.

The key reason for collecting the data is to ensure transparency. Often, there might be legal bindings and issues that can bar the seo providing services. But if we have the data about you and the services you are receiving, we can avoid the hassles.

Making smooth transaction isn’t possible if we lack your previous transaction information. So, we may need that too to continue our business.

Data sharing

For some essential needs, we may need to share the data that we collect from you. Please be assured that the data sharing is for professional purposes alone. We may share the data with payment processor, could services or any other third party service providers- that we cannot provide instantly.

Data retaining

We can retain your data for at least around one year. But if our deals extend, the tenure may get an extension naturally.

But, if you ask us to retain for a certain period, we will do that too. For instance, if you ask use to retain the data for three months, we will do that accordingly.

However, if you make a comment on any post, the comment and relevant information will remain forever.

Your data rights

If you have any account with, or you deal with this company, you have certain data rights to enjoy.

You can ask for your data at any time – that you provided us. But you also need to acknowledge that there are certain types of information that we cannot share with you. In fact, we are not obliged to share the information we have about you.

Also, be assured that those data will be solely used for administrative and security purposes. We can also use the data to mitigate any legal disputes between us.

Data protection policy

We have several technical measures to protect your data. We encrypt the data alongside a two factor authentication process. So, the possibility of data breach is almost zero.

Imparting training to the staffers, working with us, on data security is our another approach to protect your data.

What types of data and information we need

When you visit our website, we will automatically collect the following information.

  • Location, browser type and IP address
  • Cookies
  • Your address
  • Order information
  • Your personal information like name, email address, billing and shipping location and address


To complete transaction with us, you are to follow certain procedures.

We accept payments via a third party payment gateway process. Contact US for knowing our payment system. You can send a email:

Advertising method

For advertisement, we use Google AdSense and Amazon Advertising. There are no options for private advertisements.

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